Independent VA Escorts or Virginia Beach escort agency girls

For escort enthusiasts seeking VA Beach escorts it is important to consider the differences between independent escorts in VA Beach and agency escorts in VA Beach.  Unless you are well versed in the world of escorts and particularly in the sphere of Virginia Beach escorts, the process of finding the perfect provider for you can be a frustrating one.  The myriad of online sites and different options can become confusing and at times overwhelming.

Before you start your search there are some important considerations to sort out before you get online and definitely before you start making calls.  If you find a girl that looks good and is available, the experience might ultimately be disappointing.  Everyone is different and some only care about looks and sexy appeal, for others personality is a major factor.

Here is a sort list of considerations before you start your search:

  • Expectations you have or what you might want out of your escort experience.
  • The type of personality you are seeking in an escort, laid-back, aggressive, or submissive?
  • Availability, time horizon, and scheduling
  • What kind of body type and physical appearance are you looking for?
  • Physical attributes, age, ethnicity, and services offered.


VA Beach independent escorts

If you decide to go with an independent Virginia Beach escort you will need to spend some time on some classified ads websites such as or to find the perfect provider.  Finding and independent escort that is up to your standards in the physical attributes department is an endeavor that has mixed results.  Since anyone can declare themselves an escort in VA Beach and post an ad on, there are literally no standards.  Imagine if any girl could walk into a Hooters pub and declare herself a Hooter’s girl.  The independent scene is similar; believe me you will sifting through some less then desirable listings.  After your done scouring the review boards and classified listings hopefully you have narrowed down you list to a few choice candidates.  Now comes the scheduling part.  Independent escorts in VB don’t keep schedules or hours and are notoriously unreliable.  If and when she shows up there are more issues to contend with.  The girls who work as “ independents” in VA Beach are not always so independent as you might assume.  Many are under the control of abusive pimps and or are the victims of human trafficking or both.  Should something go wrong, or the girl demands more money then is agreed upon you could be facing an armed pimp at your door, and nobody wants that trip.  Unfortunately the risks associated with independent VB escorts do not end there.  Since these call girls operate well outside of the law and there is zero oversight and no barrier to posting an ad on BP or CL, clients of independent girls open themselves up to police sting operations and worse.  How would you know if the girl is of age?  How can you be sure you are not committing statutory rape of a minor?  Now don’t get us wrong there are certainly advantages to booking an independent escort, discounted prices and perhaps a greater variety come to mind; but at the end of the day the negatives and risks associated with these sorts of escorts far out weigh the positives.


VA Beach agency escorts

If the writing was not on the wall by now, perhaps a pair of reading glasses is required.  Of the two options Virginia Beach agency escorts are definitely the smarter, safer, risk adverse, and overall better way to go.  Escort agencies in VA Beach are licensed businesses and have standards.  First off, finding your perfect provider is easy when you call a VA escort agency.  The operators on the other end of the line are friendly, straightforward, and are experts at lining you up with the perfect girl.  You won’t have to worry about the quality of your call girl because the agency takes all the guesswork out of the game.  Escort agencies in VB are businesses, and are run like businesses.  Any agency worth its salt will practice due diligence, interview the girls they hire, and adhere to strict standards when it comes to physical attributes, youthfulness, sexual desirability, personality, and ethics.  For the escorts: it’s the same as auditioning for a modeling ambassadorship.  For the agency:  their interest is in hiring girls that will best represent them and provide its clients with the best experience possible.  Agencies do not deal with pimps, underage girls, do not engage in human trafficking, and do not allow their girls come to work high on drugs or drunk.  Although their business is adult entertainment, the escorts are treated like employees and must meet certain criteria and expectations.  Most of all, the client gets peace of mind.  Should something go wrong or perhaps you simply did not like the escort they sent; all agency escorts are tied to the business.  There is a licensed business you can call with any grievances.  Clients who hire independent escorts in VA Beach do not have this peace of mind.  Another factor worth considering is the quality of the escorts working at reputable Virginia Beach escort agencies.  It is important to consider that each one of these girls made the cut and got hired.  This fact is informative as the ones who did not will most likely work as independents.  Overall the agency escorts are younger, more beautiful, educated, and have fantastic personality and work ethic.  They have to if they want to continue work at the agency.

In the end clients can save a few dollars with independent escorts or spend a few more and insure peace of mind and a mind-blowing experience.  Where do you like to stay at the motel 6 or the Hilton?  The choice is yours my friends, happy VB escorting to all.

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