Virginia Beach Adult Nightlife

Virginia Beach is sometimes over shadowed by more popular tourist destinations, however it is this low key laid back nature that makes Virginia Beach a hidden gem.  The place has all the elements of a Southern seaside resort town.  The beaches are amazing and there are plenty of options for water sports and deep-sea fishing.  The cuisine is as diverse as it is delicious.  Travelers with a taste for seafood will find a bevy of amazing dining options in Virginia Beach.  The resort town is home to world-class golf course, miles of beautiful hiking trails, and kayaking channels.  The boardwalk is home to nightclubs, live music, and amusement rides.  However the Virginia Beach nightlife does not end on the boardwalk.  As with any resort town, when the sun goes down the girls come out to play.  Our escorts always love a night out on the town and are happy to go clubbing, enjoy fine dining, and cocktails at a beach bar.  For clients looking for something more adult, our call girls absolutely love a night out at a Virginia Beach strip club.

Although Virginia Beach is not a strip club Mecca like Las Vegas or Atlanta, the clubs in this resort town are friendly and hospitable.  What these clubs lack in opulence and glamour, they easily make up for in charm and authenticity.  Here are a few of our favorite Virginia Beach strip clubs.

Mermaid’s Gentlemen’s Club is located just miles from the Virginia Beach oceanfront and features a nice cross section of Virginia Beach’s finest entertainers.  Well known as a local’s favorite the club is warm and inviting.  Tourists and business travelers are certainly welcome at this small-scale club.  Open seven days a week and always serving cold beer and mixed drinks, Mermaids is a favorite venue of our Virginia Beach escorts.

According to, the Minx Club of Virginia Beach is not only the best strip club in this resort town but the best strip club in Virginia period.  Featuring two stages running non-stop entertainment, Minx club is more upscale than most strip clubs in the area.  The upbeat venue has a big city club vibe and pulsates with a high-energy mix of music.  The drinks are strong and the service is friendly.  As with any club the focal point are the youthful, perky, and energetic entertainers known around the club as Minx Kittens.  Escorts in Virginia Beach agree, the Minx Kittens are the hottest strippers in town and truth be told some of our escorts moonlight as Minx kittens.  Who knows, you might just get the best of both worlds!

For Virginia Beach travelers looking for a strip club on the “ wrong side of the tracks“ – Cheetah’s Go-Go Lounge is about as ratchet as they come.   This club features strippers who, although well past their prime, are still capable of showing their guests a fantastic time.

Any night out on the town with a Virginia beach escort is sure to be a good time, but a night out at a Virginia Beach strip club with one our amazing providers is sure to be an adventure you won’t soon forget.

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